About Us

Better Digital Ticketing

Our team is here to make sure that you have the best event goer experience possible!   

Our consumer-focused ticket buying process has been designed with the event goer in mind, and we want to make sure that you never miss the big play, your favorite song, or any other special moments by waiting in unnecesary lines. 

Best in class technology

Architected for automated scaling and utilizes the most competitive and battle-tested technology stack

Amazon’s industry-leading web services (EC2/S3/RDS/CloudFront/ELB/Route 53/Code Deploy) ensures frictionless continual-delivery of services and is designed to accommodate tens of thousands of simultaneous transactions.

The codebase is built on the most adopted backend stack PHP/Nginx, alongside the industry standard frontend frameworks NodeJS and VueJS

We have opted for combat proven methodologies to facilitate the tri-force of application quality, resource optimization and customer experience.

Supporting Columbus

Headquartered in the Arena District in Columbus, OH, we embrace the lively event market that surrounds us and are constantly engaging with the latest and greatest tools of the trade from the top event producers of concerts, sporting events, festivals, conferences, etc.